headphone: Akiyama - HDJ-9700 (Pioneer HDJ-1000 replica)

Akiyama has produced a real pricewinner with this headphone.

With a perfect sound, extremely good bass and a great and firm design, this headphone has everything a good DJ headphone needs.

The advice retailprice of this pricewinner is only 59,00 €

Dutch: http://www.audioboost.nl

CD or Vinyl?

Experienced its first VERY ugly and painfully long flamewar with this subject. You'll probably get more flames than answers for
asking the question.

There are basically four things to consider when deciding this:

1. What do you already have?
If you have a large quantity of CDs, moving to vinyl probably isn't
the best of choice. There are very few reasons to abandon a large
quantity of CDs. The same is true if you already have a lot of vinyl
and few CDs. Buying a CD player is probably not the best choice right

However, don't let this isolate you from the other in the future.
There is always room for a DJ who can work with both mediums.

2. Style
Some styles are easier to get on one medium than another. This is
especially true of underground dance music. If you find yourself
spinning a lot of rave oriented material, you may have to move to
vinyl simply because most new releases come out on vinyl first. On the
other hand, if you are spinning a lot of Top-40 type material, you'll
probably find most of your selection is easiest to get on CD. Every
style has their own preference of medium. Choose the one that best
suits what you want to do.

3. Availability
This ties in very closely with style. My only comment with regards to
availability is that -- you can always find it on either vinyl or CD.
It may be harder to find Ace of Base on vinyl than on CD, but it is
out there if you look hard enough.

4. Mixing style
This is where most people get separated in the issue of Vinyl vs. CDs.
Each has their own benefit.

"Lets see someone sample as cleanly and start as quickly as a c.d!
Sure, you can't scratch, but that's what the turntables are for. Be
more talented, use both. There a lot of times when I can't get
something on c.d. and have to resort to vinyl, and vice versa. But
there are advantages to both, so why aren't more people willing to
take advantage of that???

o You can have more precise mixes with c.d.'s, so that is an
o You can scratch with vinyl, so that is an advantage.
o You can do instant starts with c.d.'s, so that is an advantage.
o You can do spinbacks with vinyl, so that is an advantage.
o You can sample a sound and cue back up in an instant with c.d.'s
o You can hit the stop button on the turntable, so that is an
o You can fit far more c.d.'s in on spot, so that is an advantage.
o You can find some really cool tunes on vinyl that aren't on c.d.
o You can find a wider variety on c.d., so that is an advantage.
o You can cue up a record faster, so that is an advantage.
o You can see the precise time left/advanced on a c.d.,
o You can.......

Where the hell is this going????? No where. Use both and appreciate
advantages from both. The only person who wins in this argument is
the one who has mastered both, and is happy with both."

"The heated debate between the pro-CD and pro-vinyl factions over
which is better has all the merit of people who argue over
whether their beer tastes great or is less filling. ie: Whatever
floats your boat works!"

"It's a 'style thing.' If you have a preference, GREAT! Use it! If
you don't, then maybe you should TRY a couple of different options
before you make up your mind.

Your personal solution may depend on the tools you have available. People can often learn a lot by trying something new.

What is podcasting? My own Radio show, Podcast and streams.

Podcasting: Internet radio delivered to you
If you're new to podcasting or haven't heard the term before, a podcast is basically an Internet-based radio show in the form of an mp3. People from all walks of life are podcasting on a variety of topics—from business to comedy to music to politics—and in a variety of formats such as talk radio, interviews, poetry readings, and music playlists. As with any other mp3, you can listen to a podcast by simply downloading it. Although podcasting takes its name from the iPod, you do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast, or to create one. Your podcasts will play just as easily on every Digital Music Player.

Subscribing to Podcasts:

One of the biggest benefits of podcasting, though, is that you don't have to check your favorite podcast web sites every day for new episodes and manually download them. Instead, there is software that allows you to subscribe to podcasts through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology using XML (eXtensible Markup Language). When you subscribe, each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to your computer—and can even be copied to your portable audio player—as soon as it becomes available. This makes it easy and convenient to stay up to date with your favorite podcasts, allowing you to listen at your leisure.

My own Radio show: 

This is the way to broadcast my own radio show: Underground-Music. This Radio show is there to promote DJ’s, live acts and unsigned artists around the globe.This Radio Show depends on submissions by artists and DJ's in order to keep the show going. Without your music, the show would literally not exist!


The best way to submit your music is by emailing us a location to download an mp3 or send us an audio CD.Please send all promos, white labels and all forms of media towards Underground-Music by sending us an email first.

All submissions become the property of Underground-Music (not content) and can not be returned!

The Underground-Music Radio show is temporarily off the air and we are desperately searching for a new internet broadcasting network, but the podcastshow will contineu.

Underground-Music Streaming:

DJ Ronny-B- presents Underground-Music Streaming. This is not the live show or the podcast! Here you can listen and download the individual tracks he plays in the Underground-Music radio show.

Streaming Underground-Music tracks

My own Community for DJ's, Artists & Party minded people!

Underground-Music supports the present dance music scene and will provide future activities. This is non-commercial related and is mainly to promote dance music and DJ's or live acts. Underground-Music community is a place where you can interact with artists, dj's and party minded people. Don't compete, because you can learn from everybody. Underground-Music